Weekly update on development process (Oct 11, 2021)

Weekly progress

  1. ✍️ Designed Moonshot launchpad (marketing strategy for Coliquidity).
  2. ⚒ Improved Coliquidity prototype.
  3. 🧓 Hired a developer to implement Coliquidity UI.

Lessons learnt

  1. The best way to hire a developer is to give them a real task. The quality of developer can be judged by the questions they ask about the task.
  2. Most users understand Coliquidity quickly — this increases our chances to become a mass market product.

Next week focus

  1. Build Coliquidity UI.
  2. Design the launch plan for Coliquidity.

About Shield Finance

Shield Finance ($SHLD) allows users to make more money using Coliquidity, which allows them to bank on uptrend & collect LP fees at the same time. If you want to get notified about early access to our product, please follow our Telegram & Twitter. If you want more details, feel free to read the technical documentation. If you want to trade the $SHLD token, use Uniswap or DEXTools.



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With Coliquidity, you can provide liquidity using only 1 token. We match two providers to create a joint position. Less risk, more reward for each LP 😉