Weekly update on development process (May 10, 2022)

Weekly progress

  • 🤝 Attended MetaVentures Phuket as a speaker.
  • 🤝 Connected with 50+ influential people in the space.
  • 🧠 Settled on our strategy for the upcoming months.

Lessons learnt

  1. Winter is coming — crypto-winter, to be precise. Lower prices lead to negative sentiment. Negative sentiment leads to lower prices. Investment volume is decreasing while the new project count is increasing.
  2. Fret not — we do have enough funds to survive the crypto winter and emerge stronger.
  3. We should use our advantage of having launched the project to help others launch their projects, too. The valuations shall go down, and fewer projects shall be able to successfully fill the rounds. This emphasizes the role of advisors during the raise. We have already received multiple requests for this service & decided to follow the demand. Since Coliquidity can be used during the launch to provide additional liquidity into the pool, there is clear synergy between advisory service & our product.

Next week’s focus

  1. 🤝 Increase our network & strengthen existing connections.

About Coliquidity

Coliquidity ($COLI) allows users to make more money by banking on uptrend & collecting LP fees at the same time. If you want to get notified about early access to our pools, please follow our Telegram & Twitter. If you want to trade the $COLI token, use Uniswap or DEXTools.



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With Coliquidity, you can provide liquidity using only 1 token. We match two providers to create a joint position. Less risk, more reward for each LP 😉