Shield Finance + Trava Finance Partnership

Shield Finance ($SHLD) is developing Market Crash Protection. Subscribe to Telegram / Twitter to get notified about early access.

Shield Finance ($SHLD) is excited to announce a partnership with Trava Finance ($TRAVA) — the world's first decentralized lending marketplace.


  • Shield Finance will deploy Market Crash Protection contracts for Trava Finance. These contracts will allow the $TRAVA token holders to buy protection against a potential crash due to market-wide sell-off. $TRAVA token holders will have a right to sell $TRAVA at a guaranteed price (no matter what the market price will be). More information: Market Crash Protection.
  • Trava Finance will place a link with "Buy insurance for [pool token]" on the pages with lending pools.
  • Trava Finance will open lending pools for $SHLD on Trava platform.
  • Trava Finance will provide the token market analysis based on a unique mechanism: knowledge graph for on-chain data of Trava.Finance (BSC, Polygon, DFYN, and others).

Denis Gorbachev, CEO of Shield Finance, said: “We are very excited to team up with Trava Finance and we know that this partnership is going to be very beneficial to both companies. We hope you are as excited as we are about this partnership and are looking forward to what the future holds with Trava Finance”

Dr. Minh Nguyen, CEO & Co-founder of Trava Finance said: “The partnership of Trava Finance and Shield Finance brings huge benefits for our users of both. Safety in lending is a significant factor because everyone would like minimal risk or even no risk when starting a lending business. Trava’s users may need an insurance mechanism to protect their money against bear markets, so Shield will help them ensure minimal risks by guaranteeing the token price. I think that will make great sense for our users and is a unique feature for the Trava lending pools. Meanwhile, Shield users can take advantage of Trava’s lending pools to start their own businesses. All these good things are made possible by the close partnership between Trava Finance and Shield Finance.”

About Trava Finance

Trava Finance is the world’s first decentralized marketplace for cross-chain lending. While existing approaches provide only one or a few lending pools with their own parameters such as borrow/supply interest rate, liquidation threshold, Loan-to-Value ratio, or a limited list of exchangeable cryptocurrencies, TRAVA offers a flexible mechanism in which users can create and manage their own lending pools to start a lending business. Trava is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain and allows for lending with BSC tokens first; we then enable cross-chain lending with various tokens on Ethereum and other blockchain networks.

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About Shield Finance

Shield Finance is a multi-chain DeFi Insurance Aggregator that allows users to buy protection against major market crashes due to hacks, exploits, rug pulls, sell-offs, and other black swan events. We are currently integrating multiple insurance providers to provide our users with reduced slippage and expansive coverage.


Telegram: @ShieldFinanceHQ

Twitter: @ShieldFinance

Medium: @ShieldFinanceHQ

YouTube: Shield Finance

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