Shield Finance + Titans Ventures Partnership

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Shield Finance is proud to shine the spotlight on our latest investor: Titans Ventures, one of the most influential incubators in the Vietnamese market. Titans Ventures has been all about blockchain since their inception; boasting a portfolio comprising major players like Polkadex, Konomi Network, Kylin Network, Parastate, Poolz, DAO Maker and more.

With a community of over 100,000+ members, Titans Ventures is set to introduce the power of DeFi insurance and build a strong Shield Finance community in Vietnam!

Today, we have the honour of sitting down with Van Quan, Co-Founder and COO of Titans Ventures to discuss why they invested in Shield Finance and what’s next for us.

1: What main value-add do you and Titans Ventures bring to founding teams?

Formed by long-time investors, Titans Ventures has been, and will always be a foundation to promote mutual rapid development for all projects.

We have effectively connected with 10+ communities with around 100,000 members and successfully supported over 100 leading Blockchain projects so far.

I also believe I can personally contribute to the success of Shield Finance. I have about 4 years of experience in this field and manage major blockchain projects and exchanges including: DNA, YIELD, HOO, and more. I’m also a partner with large communities like BITCOIN GURU, Pantera ICO, Altcoin Alerts, Crypto Daku and have a good relationship with major investment funds like Pantera, X21 Digital, Dao Ventures, Kvestor and more.

At Titans Ventures, we genuinely believe we can make a difference with our experience and our network. We’ll start by building a thriving community of Shield Finance in Vietnam.

2: Why did you invest in Shield Finance?

We’ve had our finger on the pulse of blockchain for many years now and have watched the prominent rise of DeFi closely. Yet, we believe DeFi has a long way to go as evident by the various hacks and economic exploits on even well renowned platforms. It is for this reason, we see DeFi insurance playing a larger role in the DeFi ecosystem. And with Shield Finance planning to become a top DeFi insurance aggregator, it was only logical for us to invest.

3: What are the advantages of Shield Finance over competitors?

By nature, Shield Finance makes DeFi insurance accessible. Since the platform aims to aggregate all the top insurance providers and packages in one place, users won’t have to sift through various websites to find the insurance they’re looking for.

We also love the fact that integrating and associating with Shield Finance adds credibility to any DeFi platform. There are very few projects that have that combination: credible, easy to use, and a strong reason to use it.

4: In your opinion, what is the most interesting feature of Shield Finance?

Definitely Market Crash Protection (MCP)! The fact that a user can hedge their position in the DeFi ecosystem is a relatively new and exciting feature and we’re glad Shield Finance is going to implement it.

We also like how MCP protects users from price dumps, no matter how severe they are. You can protect either separate tokens, or the entire portfolio at once. Actually, the MCP contract works as a put option. After buying the protection, the user has the right to sell insured tokens at a guaranteed price before the expiration date, no matter what happens to the market.

What we like about the MCP the most is its usability. Protecting your whole portfolio has never been so convenient and fast!

5: What is your advice to companies looking to attract more users in the DeFi ecosystem?

Focus on community, it is everything in the blockchain space. Blockchain is all about decentralization and what better way to align with its ethos than uniting a group of people worldwide who care about your project as much as you do!

About Titans Ventures

Titans Ventures consists of a professional investment management team, formerly having worked in the Blockchain industry for over 5 years. With the mission of incubating potential projects, Titans Ventures focuses on the applicability as well as sustainable development, thus creating real value to all community members.

Website: Titans Ventures

Telegram: @TitansVentures

Twitter: @Titans_ventures

About Shield Finance

Shield Finance ($SHLD) is developing Market Crash Protection that allows users to insure their portfolio against major market crashes. If you want to get notified about early access to our product, please follow our Telegram & Twitter. If you want more details, feel free to read the technical documentation. If you want to trade the $SHLD token, use Uniswap or DEXTools.

For any questions about Shield Finance, please reach out to us on:


Telegram: @ShieldFinanceHQ

Twitter: @ShieldFinance

Reddit: r/ShieldFinanceHQ

Medium: @ShieldFinanceHQ

$SHLD token: Uniswap + DEXTools



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